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Sample Electives

CMBS-MS may select courses from any program within GPILS. Some courses in other professional schools on campus and schools in the University of Maryland System may be acceptable for enrollment, but students must seek the approval of the program director prior to registering for any courses outside of GPILS.

Please check the current listing of courses offered each semester in SURFS. Other listings may not be up to date. If you have any questions about a course, please contact the course director.

Elective courses will be selected according to each student’s area of focus. They should form a coherent program of study to help each student prepare for their post-graduation goals.

Sample Electives:

  • PREV 616 - Introduction to Clinical and Translational Research (2 credits)
  • GPLS 750 - Topics in Molecular Medicine (2 credits)
  • GPLS 791 - From Bench to Bedside: Steps in Trans Research (2 credits)
  • PHAR 628 - Bioanalytical and Pharmacological Methods (3 credits)
  • GPLS 750 - Topics in Molecular Medicine (2 credits)
  • PREV 633 - App of Legal & Regulatory Issues in Clinical Res (1 credit)
  • PREV 639 - Institutional Review Boards (2 credits)
  • PREV 706 - Research Informatics: Data Management (2 credits)
  • GPLS 645 - Cellular and Systems Physiology (3 credits)
  • GPLS 625 - Ion Channels (2 credits)
  • GPLS 626 - Membrane Carriers and Transporters (2 credits)

Independent Study:

Students interested in designing an independent study course should speak with the program director and complete the Independent Study Form for approval.


Disclaimer: This website is not a contract and all information is subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of the Program.