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GPILS Summer Bridge Program

The GPILS Summer Bridge is a 4-week intensive, interactive experience covering essential principles of cellular biochemistry and physiology.  The course introduces many of the fundamental skills that every successful biomedical researcher must master. The course is designed to assist students from widely varied academic backgrounds with the transition to graduate level study in the biomedical sciences.

The course includes the following topics:
1. The Physics and Chemistry of Cell Biology;
2. Physical Interactions of Biological Molecules;
3. How Proteins Perform Work (Enzymatic Reactions);
4. The Storage and Transmission of Biological Information;
5. How Cells Communicate;
6. Specific Examples of Biomedical Methods.

Each week includes a variety of sessions, including traditional lectures, interactive discussions, group study, individual and group presentations, problem analysis, and the development of the ability to critically evaluate the biomedical literature. Through these approaches, students become comfortable with essential biochemical/physiological principles and mechanisms and the fundamental methods and language of modern biomedical research. This enables students to get the most from the GPILS Core Course in the fall, setting them firmly on the path to success in their graduate research.

For additional information:

Elice Garcia-Baca
Senior Academic Services Specialist

Donald R Matteson Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Physiology