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Please see the Graduate School Catalog for Course Descriptions for the courses listed below

Interdisciplinary Science Core (10 credit minimum)

The Science Core is designed to provide an interdisciplinary foundation for further study in an area of one's choice.

  • Foundations of Rehabilitation Science I -PTRS (3 credits)
  • Foundations of Rehabilitation Science II –PTRS (3 credits)
  • Research Seminar PTRS 788- 4 semesters ( 1 credit each)

Tools Core (12 credit minimum)

The Tools Core provides the research skills needed in the field of rehabilitation science, as well as direct preparation for an academic career.

  • Graduate Seminar in Teaching I - PTRS 702 (1 credit)
  • Principles of Biostatistics - PREV 620 (3 credits)
  • Graduate Seminar in Teaching II - PTRS 703 (1 credit)
  • Intermediate Biostatistics - PREV 621 (3 credits)
  • Physiological Signal Processing - UMCP 689D (3 credits)
  • Instrumentation in the Movement Sciences - UMCP 689 (3 credits)
  • Lab Rotations - PTRS 704 (3 credits)
  • Other statistics or tools courses offered at UMB, UMCP and UMBC

Concentration/Cognate Area

Complete a minimum of 22 credits in the concentration specialty of Neuromotor Control and Rehabilitation and in cognate areas of Rehabilitation Engineering, Rehabilitation Biomechanics, Applied Physiology and Epidemiology

Doctoral Dissertation Research (minimum of 12 credits)

These 12+ credits are typically utilized immediately after the comprehensive exam is passed. However, students may have been working on studies that become part of their dissertation before this time.


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