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Year 3 of Study & Beyond

After admission to candidacy, a student should assemble a thesis committee in consultation with their mentor. The committee can contain some or all of the qualifying examination committee members. The mentor is automatically the chair of the committee. The student will need a minimum of five members to serve on the committee, including at least one from outside the mentor’s department. The names of the faculty members on the committee are given to Linda Horne, Program Coordinator and the form “Nomination of Members of Final Doctoral Examining Committee” should also be completed and turned into the Graduate School.

The student should then:

  • Organize their research proposal to meet with members of their thesis committee approximately six months after completing their qualifying exam.
  • Finish writing their research proposal.
  • Fix a date to meet with their committee to present and defend their proposal.
  • Submit their research proposal to their committee members at least two-weeks before the proposal defense meeting.
  • Finalize their research plan based on the discussions with their committee members at the proposal defense.
  • Complete their thesis research, meeting on a regular basis with their committee (every 6 months).
    • In addition, after each 6 month committee meeting, the student’s mentor should submit a report summarizing the student’s progress to the program coordinator with signatures from the committee members.
  • When the student and mentor agree that the student is close to completing their research plan, a committee meeting should be held to develop a plan for finishing the project.
  • Write their dissertation, working closely with their mentor.
  • Schedule a date for their dissertation defense.
  • Submit their dissertation to the designated readers on their committee at least 4 weeks prior to their defense date.
    • When approved by the readers, the student should obtain their signatures on the graduate school form “Certification of Completion of the Doctoral Dissertation” and submit this to the Graduate School. The thesis, revised if necessary, should then be submitted to the remaining members of their committee at least 2 weeks prior to their defense date.
  • Present their research at their dissertation defense as a formal seminar open to the public, the UMB research community and their committee members, followed by a closed door meeting/evaluation with their committee.
    • All committee members must be present and sign the final document.
  • Complete the final dissertation, incorporating revisions discussed by the committee at the student’s dissertation defense and following graduate school guidelines.