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Years 1 & 2

  • Select an individually tailored curriculum with advisors
  • Complete coursework
  • Minimum of two rotations
  • Select mentor: Start your thesis work with the selected mentor
  • Complete qualifying exam
    • Set up Graduate Committee consisting of a minimum of five faculty members. The mentor and Program Director are automatic members of the committee. One member has to be outside the home department. Program Director serves as chair.
    • Write Abstract for qualifying exam proposal.
    • Submit to the Director for approval.
    • Write a full length proposal (Maximum 10 pages excluding references).
    • Student submits the proposal at least 15 days before the date of qualifying exam.
    • Set a date for qualifying exam.
    • Student presents the proposal before the committee.
    • Student will be tested on the proposal and other questions related to courses taken and the current affairs in science.
    • Grades will be PASS, MARGINAL PASS and FAIL.
    • If necessary complete requirements of changing MARGINAL PASS to PASS.