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Goals and Unique Features

Goals and Unique Features imageGoals of the Program and How They Are Achieved

  • Goal 1:  Ensure an outstanding biomedical research experience to build and refine research skills.
    • Scholars develop and refine their research skills while conducting research under the guidance of highly dedicated UMB scientist mentors.
  • Goal 2:  Strengthen and expand the academic portfolio to facilitate acceptance into top-notch graduate programs.

    • An individualized development plan (IDP) is developed for each scholar based on their research interest to include activities designed to strengthen and expand their academic portfolio to facilitate acceptance in a top-notch graduate program.
    • There are opportunities to participate in research seminars, conferences, and graduate courses to strengthen areas of academic weakness and research interests.
  • Goal 3:  Provide a set of high-quality professional development activities individualized for each scholar.

    • Scholars participate in professional development activities such as research forums, scientific writing workshops, and diversity seminars.
  • Goal 4:  Provide a continuously dynamic mentoring and community-building research-centered experience.

    • There is a supportive and inspirational environment where scholars can interact with successful students and faculty, especially with those also coming from underrepresented backgrounds.
    • Scholars have the opportunity to mentor other students.

Unique Features of UMB’s STAR-PREP

STAR-PREP at the University of Maryland Baltimore seeks to provide PREP Scholars with a rich and meaningful mentored experience that will fuel their interest and pursuit of careers in biomedical research. Two unique features to this PREP are a strong integration with the Meyerhoff Graduate Program and a focus on not only mentoring PREP Scholars but allowing them to experience the rewards and responsibilities of mentoring others.

The program promotes research focused on health problems that disproportionately affect minorities and underserved populations.