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Course Creation & Administration

Course Proposals and Changes

All course proposals and changes are to be reviewed by the GPILS Curriculum Committee before they are submitted to the Graduate School. Please review the FAQs before submitting a new course proposal. Questions and/or completed forms should be directed to GPILS Program Administrator, Sharron Graves.

Deadlines are as follows:

  • Submit by March 1st for Fall classes
  • Submit by September 1st for Spring classes

Assistance with Blackboard

Faculty and support staff that need assistance with Blackboard can look over the FAQs on this page. If further assistance is needed, please contact GPILS Program Administrator, Sharron Graves.


To avoid copyright infringement please Permalink all journal articles uploaded to Blackboard. Please click on the link to the right to learn how to do this. To find out more about copyright issues you can view this tutorial or use this checklist to see if you are covered under Fair Use.


Grades are due three weeks after the semester ends. To view semester start and end dates click on the Academic Calendar link to the right. Grades sheets are sent via e-mail by the Academic or Program Coordinators. If you do not receive a gradesheet, please contact the appropriate person.

ADA Accommodations

All GPILS course syllabi must state the University of Maryland ADA policy. GPILS works with the Office of Educational Support and Disability Services to accommodate all ADA requests. For more information please contact the Office of Educational Support and Disability Services.

Video Tutorials

GPILS Collaborate Training Sessions

Blackboard Help page here:

Collaborate Help page here: