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Our School of Medicine nucleates a large number of distinguished virologists in the Microbiology and Immunology community. Among these, Drs. DeVico, Gallo, Garzino-Demo, Guan, Kamin-Lewis, Lu, Lewis, Pauza, Romerio, Salvato, Sundberg and Tagaya work at the adjacent IHV, and study the molecular mechanisms of infection and pathogenesis caused by primate (HIV and SIV) and rodent retroviruses, human herpes type 8 viruses, paramyxoviruses and arenaviruses viruses.The IHV is actively pursuing vaccine development for these viral pathogens. Dr. Feldman studies mechanisms of oncogenesis by RNA tumor viruses and uses transgenic animal models for targeted delivery of genes to specific tissues in vivo.  Dr. Frieman studies the pathogenesis and host response of the SARS Coronavirus.