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Degree Requirements

Predoctoral course work includes both required courses of the tools and scientific cores, as well as courses selected by the student (in conjunction with the mentoring team). Each student is required to file an individual plan of study with the Graduate Program Coordinator by the end of the first year/beginning of second year of study. The plan must include a list of specific courses or independent studies to be completed, and timelines for completion of preliminary and pilot research including manuscript submissions that result from these studies. The plan of study includes timeframes for completing comprehensive examinations (generally expected to occur before the end of the fifth semester), proposal of the dissertation, and the dissertation defense (this is aimed for the end of the eighth semester). The process for filing the plan of study includes a presentation of the plan by the student to the Plan of Study Committee and defense of the presentation and contents of the plan. The committee is then charged with the responsibility of determining the acceptability of the plan. In general the committee’s approval/disapproval will be based on whether the plan meets the requirements for completion of the core courses in intellectual tools and rehabilitation sciences, provides sufficient educational background for becoming an entry-level scholar in the neuromotor control and rehabilitation area, consists of a combination of regular and independent study courses with interdisciplinary content, fits the student’s academic goals and is of sufficient academic and scholarly rigor. The committee may approve, approve with revisions, or disapprove the plan of study. The committee may also make suggestions on how to further strengthen already acceptable programs.

Summary of Requirements for Graduation

The student is required to successfully complete the following before graduation of the PhD Program:

  1. Courses/ Independent studies (with B or above average)
  2. Evidence of Continuous Scholarship
  3. Plan of Study
  4. Comprehensive Exams
  5. Dissertation Proposal
  6. Dissertation Defense