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Goals and Unique Features imageGoals of the Program and How They Are Achieved

  • Goal 1:  We will maximize student academic and research preparedness through intense lab and graduate course experiences. 
    • Scholars, STAR-PREP leaders, and mentors will use the IDP and SWOT to facilitate preparedness for next steps. This preparedness will be individualized for each student and will capitalize on the unique strengths of each student, their mentors and mentoring environment. Aim 1 will focus on rigorous laboratory and classroom experiences, the application process and application components. Preparedness and a resulting strong academic and research portfolio will make the student highly attractive for recruitment and entry to top-quality MD-PhD and PhD programs.
  • Goal 2:  We will strengthen and prepare the scholars holistically for the rigors of graduate school through courses and professional development activities. 

    • We will build on meaningful and relevant professional development and enrichment activities to build student confidence. Students will learn about exciting research and technological advances in campus-wide seminars from faculty and via exchanges and interactions in conferences as attendees or presenters. The PREP-Interactive Forums (PIFs), will offer an excellent and close environment for cohort building, learning about research, life journeys of
      faculty and near-peers, professional development and culture-sharing via socials.
  • Goal 3:  We will use STAR-PREP and lessons learned to widen its impact to collaboratively shape the culture and expecations of the higher-learning institution to receive and nurture UR scholars. 
    • Feelings of not belonging can lead to struggles or drop-out. Hence, in this Aim, we will address the students’ strong desire to feel connected to their cohort, mentors and the academic and larger communities. Programming herein will help meet a deep need of being able to ‘give back’ to their local and near-peer, scholarly communities through activities like research-related presentations and through service (e.g., volunteering, tutoring and STEM and lifementoring).

Unique Features of UMB’s STAR-PREP

STAR-PREP at the University of Maryland Baltimore seeks to provide PREP Scholars with a rich and meaningful mentored experience that will fuel their interest and pursuit of careers in biomedical research. Two unique features to this PREP are a strong integration with the Meyerhoff Graduate Program and a focus on not only mentoring PREP Scholars but allowing them to experience the rewards and responsibilities of mentoring others.

The program promotes research focused on health problems that disproportionately affect minorities and underserved populations.