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Below is a general timeline of activities for each semester. The timeline for each scholar is going to have different components because the program is customized and tailored based on interests, objectives, and needs of each scholar.

Summer CampusSummer

  • Human Resources (HR) onboarding
  • STAR-PREP Orientation 
  • STAR-PREP Faculty presentation rounds
  • 3 one-week lab rotations (virtual and/or in-person)
  • PREP Interactive Forum-Orientation and Meeting and Greet
    • New scholars will meet with current scholars, faculty, and other student to learn about research interests and what it means to be a scholar at UMB.
  • Invitation to Office of Student Research Summer Seminars
  • Cancer Biology Retreat or any other retreats on campus-An opportunity for scholars to interact with research scientists who are at various stages of their careers.
  • Minority Health Disparities Journal Club 
  • Start of project planning, individual scholar plan, mentoring, and research.
  • Initial monthly meeting with the director and other leadership team members.
  • Networking Event
    • Opportunities to interact with faculty, staff, students, and scholars in other programs including the Meyerhoff program.


Fall CampusFall

  • Enroll in graduate level course (GPILS 600: Cellular and Molecular Basis of Translational Research)
  • Attend Journal Clubs‌

  • Formally create the Individual Development Plan (IDP)
  • Prep Interactive Forums on "Applying to Graduate School" and "My Life Journey to Biomedical Research"
  • Mock interview sessions and essay review
  • Present at National Conferences including SACNAS or ABRCMS
  • Participate in Seminars and Retreats
  • Continuation of mentoring and research


  • Review and refine IDP
  • Additional optional shadowing, or experience, dependent on the needs of the scholar
  • Spring Campus‌PREP Interactive forums highlight each scholar's research‌

  • Graduate Level Course (CIPP 907 or 909)
  • Opportunity to take an elective graduate course
  • Hone presentation skills by presenting in front of other scholars, faculty and staff
  • Seminars, workshops, and retreats
  • Continuation of mentoring and research
  • Attend MAPRS

Interactions with other Programs

While in STAR-PREP, scholars will interact with a myriad of different people to enhance their networking skills and cross disciplinary research interests:

Bridges to the Doctorate
Combined program with Towson University and UMSOM.  This program is  for students from underrepresented groups who are interested in earning a PhDs in science. While completing a master's degree at Towson University, students will  receive tuition remission, professional development activities, GRE prep, attend seminars and journal clubs at UMSOM,  and complete a four week lab rotation at UMSOM in the summer before preparing to apply to PhD programs.  

Nathan Schnaper Summer Internship Program
Scholars will frequently interact with and share lab space with students in the NSIP. At the start of each scholar’s program, he/she will be enrolled in the summer Lab Practices course with the NSIP participants.  This interaction will help to provide scholars potential mentoring possibilities and ability to interact with undergraduate students who share common research interests. STAR-PREP scholars will attend the NSIP Research Symposium in the summer to support students.

A program at UMBC which provides scholarships and support to students who are from underrepresented groups and wish to continue on to PhD programs and establish careers in research. STAR-PREP scholars will be encouraged to share their experiences with students in the U*STAR program.

Meyerhoff Scholars Program is devoted to supporting diversity in the STEM fields and is one of the prominent undergraduate programs at UMBC.

Meyerhoff Graduate Fellows Program is devoted to supporting diversity in STEM fields at the graduate level. STAR-PREP scholars will interact with students involved in the Meyerhoff programs at scholar research networking events and monthly discussion forums, and gatherings.

UMB School of Medicine and Graduate Programs in Life Sciences
The SOM and GPILS programs are committed to promoting diversity in all of their programs. Scholars will be encourage to attend and interact with a students enrolled in the medical school and other graduate programs. Scholars will be informed of and attend seminars, workshops and other events hosted by the GPILS program.