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Student Advisory Committee

The Graduate Program in Life Sciences' Student Advisory Committee conists of representatives from each of the GPILS graduate programs.  Members advise GPILS leadership on all matters ranging from academics, career developement, special events and community services.  This student leadership group has  also established several committees that all GPILS students can get involved with at any time.

Listed below are the members of the GPILS Student Advisory Committee along with the various committees and committee Chairs.

 GPILS Advisory Committee 

  • Alison Scott, President, Graduate Program in Molecular Microbiology & Immunology
  • Irina Tipper, Vice President, Graduate Program in Molecular Medicine     
  • Nisha Pulimood, Secretary, Graduate Program in Neuroscience  
  • Elizabeth Couser, Graduate Program in Gerontology
  • Dhanraj Deshmukh, Graduate Program in Toxicology
  • Saddef Haq, Graduate Program in Toxicology
  • Chan Hong, M.S. Program in Molecular Medicine 
  • Tyler Gable, Graduate Program in Molecular Medicine
  • Alex Meltzer, GraduateProgram in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology  
  • Kara Moser, Graduate Program in Epidemiology & Human Genetics
  • Rebecca Pelc, Graduate Program in Molecular Microbiology & Immunology  
  • Sarah Ransom, Graduate Program in Neuroscience
  • Courtney Sturey, GraduateProgram in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
  • Jonathan Van Ryzin, Graduate Program in Neuroscience
  • Elizabeth Woytowicz, Graduate Program in Physical Rehabilitation Science 
  • Chieh-Ling Yang, Graduate Program in Physical Rehabilitation Science    

Communication Committee: This committee will be responsible for creating and managing the GPILS Student Committee Facebook site, a newsletter of upcoming events and getting the word out about upcoming activities. 
Please contact Sarah Ransom if you'd like to be involved.

Student Data Blitz Committee: This committee will be responsible for organizing a monthly student data blitz event consiting of students giving 5 minute talks about their research in order to enhance interprogram collaboration and understanding as well as giving more information for incoming students about research being done in labs for rotation selection. 
Please contact Tyler Gable to get involved!

Student Social Committee: This committee will work towards creating and implementing social events to bring all GPILS students together. 
Please contact Courtney Sturey to help them plan a great year of social event!


Bylaw Committee: This committee will be responsible for creating bylaws for the newly implemented GPILS Student Committee. 
Please contact Rebecca Pelc to participate. 


Jennifer Aumiller, MEd, Director Career Development and Tom McHugh, MS, Program Administrator serve as the staff advisors to this student group.