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  • Group photo of recent GPILS PhD graduates

    Congratulations to our 2018 Graduates!

    Some of our recent graduates attending the 3rd annual GPILS Graduation Luncheon. Graduates pictured from left to right: Dr. Haiwen Chen, Dr. Stephanie Lehman, Dr. Danielle Abraham, Dr. Jimena Dancy, Dr. Megan Moorer, Dr. Paige Studlack, and Dr. Alex Meltzer

Graduate Program In Life Sciences (GPILS)

The Graduate Program in Life Sciences (GPILS) offers cutting edge research training in basic, biomedical, clinical and population sciences. We offer seven Ph.D. granting graduate programs and four M.S. level programs.

Our graduate programs cover the entire range of biomedical research, from the basics of protein structure and molecular biology, through integrative systems physiology, virology and vaccine development up to behavior, cognition, population based genetics, and the impact of the environment on human health. Our programs place a special emphasis on the importance of translational research.

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9:00 AM | 621 W. Lombard Street, SMC Campus Center, Room 351 This session will provide an overview of Patient-Centered Outcomes Research funding opportunities.
2:00 PM | Health Science Facility II Auditorium Dr. Michele Swanson from University of Michigan Medical School will present on "The Flint Legionnaires' Disease Outbreaks."
4:00 PM | HSFII Auditorium GPILS/OPS Annual Awards Ceremony to recognize great accomplishments in academia, research, mentoring, teaching, and service.
11:00 AM | Hosick Lecture Hall Speaker: Sarah Aronson Fischell, M.D/Ph.D. Topic: Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) for the Nicotine Withdrawal Syndrome
4:00 PM | Health Science Facility II Auditorium Dr. Kristin Hogquist from University of Minnesota will present "Thymic Selection of Soldiers and Peacekeepers."
1:30 PM | Howard Hall, Room 450 Presented by Brad Fackler, MBA, Senior Director, Office of BioHealth and Life Science at State of Maryland, Department of Commerce
9:00 AM | 685 W. Baltimore Street, MSTF Building, Room 316 This interactive workshop will assist postdocs in identifying non-NIH sources of funding for their research.
4:00 PM | Health Science Facility II Auditorium Speaker: Lisa Cazares, PhD from USAMRIID Topic: "Mass Spectrometry Approaches to Study Host-Pathogens Interaction in Infectious Disease"
9:00 AM | 660 W. Redwood Street, Howard Hall, Room 450 This session will focus on the publication planning process and provide tips for getting published in an academic journal.
8:30 AM | SMC Campus Center, Room 210 (621 W. Lombard Street) This half day workshop is designed as an introduction to grant writing for investigators with little or no experience writing an NIH or other peer-reviewed grant application.
4:00 PM | Health Science Facility II Auditorium Speaker: Jorn Coers, PhD from Duke University Medical Center Topic: "Interferon-Inducible GTPases in Host Defense and Inflammation"
12:00 PM | HH 224 CANCELED
4:00 PM | Health Science Facility II Auditorium Speaker: Nicholas Buchkovich, PhD from Penn State College of Medicine Topic: "Targeting HCMV by Diverting the Cellular Traffic"
1:00 PM | Howard Hall, Room 450 Presented by Brad Fackler, MBA, Senior Director, Office of BioHealth and Life Science at State of Maryland, Department of Commerce

Current News

June 21, 2018
Epidemiology and Human Genetics PhD Candidate, Basant Motawi, awarded Senesh Fellowship

June 15, 2018
Christian Kinney, Molecular Medicine PhD Candidate, pitches his drug platform, "Therapy X"

March 1, 2018
Our own Biochemistry and Molecular Biology student, Anicca Harriot, interviewed by ABC 7 WJLA DC, wants to walk on Mars

February 28, 2018
"Fuel the Kids," co-founded by Biochemistry and Molecular Biology student, Geraldine Ezeka, donates books to Baltimore schools

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University of Maryland School of Medicine, Graduate Program in Life Sciences
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Baltimore, Maryland 21201

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Student Spotlight:

Meet Christian Kinney

In May, Molecular Medicine Ph.D. student, Christian Kinney, participated in The Grid Pitch where he presented his drug platform, "Therapy X."  "Therapy X" is a ground-breaking drug platform for the treatment of chronic illnesses that typically require multiple injections.  Find out more about "Therapy X" and Kinney's entrepreneurial experiences here on the UMB campus.

Dissertation Announcements

Christine Gill
Program in Epidemiology & Human Genetics
October 23, 2018, 9:00 am
Howard Hall, Room 224

Mark Rudolph
Program in Molecular Microbiology & Immunology
October 24, 2018, 12:00 pm
HSF II Auditorium

David Wisniewski
Program in Molecular Medicine
November 12, 2018, 9:00 am
School of Dentistry, Room G307

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