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Career Options for PhDs

This is a list of common careers explored by our graduates. This list is by no means all inclusive. If there are any other areas that you are interested in, we highly encourage you to use informational interviews to investigate these other careers.

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  • Clinical Research Management
  • Consulting
  • Entrepreneur Science Policy
  • Principal Investigator at Research Intensive Instituition
  • Public Health Related Careers
  • Research Adminstration
  • Research in Industry
  • Sales and Marketing of Scinece Related Products
  • Science Education (K-12) or Public Outreach
  • Science Policy
  • Science Writing
  • Teaching Intensice Career in Academia
  • Technology Transfer, Intellectual Property and Patenting
  • Venture Capitalist


For more information:

Please contact Jennifer Aumiller, MEd
Director of GPILS/OPS Career and Professional Development