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Master's Program

Track in Epidemiology & Preventive Medicine  

We offer both a thesis and non-thesis master’s degree in Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine. As in the Epidemiology PhD program, there is a strong emphasis on acquisition of quantitative skills, providing students with a strong background in study design and data analysis. While some students enter the program from a baccalaureate program, most have other health-related experience.

Track in Clinical Research  

We offer both a thesis and non-thesis master’s degree in Clinical Research, targeted toward physicians and other health professionals who are committed to a clinical research career. Within this degree program students have the option of entering one of five tracks: Epidemiologic Research, Patient Oriented Research, Outcomes and Health Services Research, Human Genetics, and Research Ethics.

Track in Human Genetics & Genomic Medicine  

We offer a thesis-based master's degree in Human Genetics and Genomic Medicine for students wanting training in human genetics, especially as it relates to health and disease. The MS in Human Genetics follows a similar curriculum as the PhD Track in Human Genetics & Genomic Medicine, but with the second year devoted largely towards a master's thesis.