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Financial Support & Tools


  • Students accepted into any of the Graduate Program in Life Sciences' PhD programs receive financial support from NIH-funded training grants, mentor grants, and/or from the University of Maryland Baltimore sources.
  • The current stipend amount for pre-qualifying students is $32,250. The stipend amount increases to $33,325 once a student passes his or her qualifying or comprehensive exam and advances to candidacy. This varies by program but typically occurs before the start of a student's third year.
  • Separate from the stipend support provided are the benefits of complete tuition remission and coverage of student health insurance. This benefit package represents a cash value of nearly $11,000 a year that is provided in addition to the annual stipend.
  • Financial support is ensured for the duration of time required to complete the PhD, which typically takes four to six years.

The cost of living in Baltimore is surprisingly reasonable, especially when compared to other similarly sized cities on the East Coast.

Baltimore’s cost of living is 8.7% lower than the national average,

45.8% lower than New York, 

40.5% lower than Boston,

17.5% lower than Ann Arbor,

39.4% lower than Washington, DC, and

12.8% lower than Philadelphia.

Residents of Baltimore City and the surrounding suburbs enjoy ample public transportation options in addition to a wide array of housing choices.

The University of Maryland Baltimore's Office of Financial Aid provides exceptional service to our graduate students. Our student researchers can seek assistance with everything from properly managing student loans to developing a personal budget.

Note: There are currently no teaching requirements for graduate students, although teaching opportunities are available for qualified interested students.

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