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Our students benefit from a well-developed yet always evolving curriculum. Training is available in both the biomedical and population sciences and includes an integrated Mechanisms in Biomedical Sciences - The Core Course that provides students in the laboratory-based programs with a depth and breadth of knowledge that serves as a solid foundation for more advanced course work and specialized studies.

All of our courses leverage educational support technologies including online delivery of content, resources, and discussions via Blackboard. Some courses record lectures which are posted a few hours following the completion of that day’s session.

Our faculty researchers take their roles of teacher and mentor seriously and view the development of our students as the most important contributing factor to the success of their respective research missions. Plainly put: our student researchers are valued above all else.

In keeping with this philosophy, our students enjoy a wide range of career development activities, seminars, and workshops that are vital to achieving success in today’s career market. Career development opportunities include workshops on grant writing, publication submissions, effective research presentations, developing a CV, interviewing and negotiation skills, and how to differentiate yourself in the employment marketplace. The Graduate Program in Life Sciences at UMB also provides a novel and interactive research ethics training program.

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