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Research Foci

Our faculty members pursue a variety of research areas, most of which are well funded by internal and external sources, such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Examples of their ongoing research include:

  • Innovative stroke rehabilitation techniques and investigations of underlying neuroplasticity using fMRI and TMS.
  • Neurocognitive factors underlying protective balance responses and the development of associated rehabilitation paradigms.
  • Neural mechanisms for production of coordinated bipedal locomotor patterns in relation to potential gait rehabilitation techniques.
  • Neural and biomechanical mechanisms of postural control and balance in older adults and the role of attention and awareness in fall prevention.
  • Postural control and movement analysis measures and the development of physical therapy interventions for children with cancer and childhood survivors of cancer.
  • Neuromotor and biomechanical control of posture, balance, and locomotion and their rehabilitation to improve function in older adult clinical populations including Parkinson’s disease and chronic stroke.
  • Clinical trials to prevent falls in older people.
  • Research that examines the influence of exercise and lifestyle interventions on muscle and mobility function in older adults with chronic disease.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to review the faculty research on the PT department website under research.