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Advisory Committee

An Advisory/Thesis Committee is made up of at least four faculty members who are members of the Intercampus Biochemistry Graduate Program. One of these four members is the student's advisor. At least one of the four members must be from the campus different than that at which the student undertakes thesis work (UMB or UMBC). The Thesis Committee must have an additional member outside the program/department for a total of five members (a requirement of the Graduate School). Additional members can also be included on the Advisory Committee, including any faculty members in the program and/or suitably qualified individuals from other programs or institutions.

The names of the members of the Advisory Committee are submitted to and approved by the Governing Committee or Program Director prior to the student taking the oral qualifying examination. It is strongly recommended that the student and his or her advisor determine and assemble the Advisory Committee as soon as the student makes the decision on choice of advisor, and that the Advisory Committee meet with the student at regular intervals (at least one per year) to assess progress and suitability for candidacy prior to taking the qualifying examination. Should you encounter any problems with your advisor and/or project, you should consult the members of your Advisory Committee.