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Lab Rotations

Unless granted an exemption by the Program Governing Committee, each student is required to participate in three laboratory rotation exercises. If you have a Master's Degree from a University in the United States or have research experience from private industry, you may request permission (in writing) from the Governing Committee to waive one of the three required rotations. Students should choose a laboratory rotation in accordance with his or her interest, with the purpose of pursuing their thesis research in that laboratory. Students are encouraged to attend the orientation sessions to learn more about the research of a particular lab/mentor. If your interest lies in a lab that was not represented at the orientation sessions, you are encouraged to make an appointment to personally speak with and learn more about that particular lab's projects. Since many of our faculty are involved in more than one graduate program, the labs tend to fill quickly. Therefore, you should arrange your rotations as early as possible in advance. It is important to verify before a rotation is selected, whether the faculty member has funding to support the student at the conclusion of Year 1 in the Program.

When arranging your laboratory rotations, you should keep program coordinator,Koula Cozmo, informed so that a grade can be obtained after each rotation. Once you have chosen your lab/mentor, please inform Koula Cozmo so that the proper paperwork can be arranged.