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Professor Rounds

The CMBS program is always looking for faculty that are interested in taking on a master’s student in their lab for a lab rotation and/or as a potential thesis mentor throughout the academic year. MS students are self-funded and DO NOT require a stipend to have them work in your lab.

Cellular and Molecular Biomedical Science MS Program Professor’s Rounds
Days: Tuesdays, 12:00-1:00
Location: GPILS Large Conference Room (BRB 1-008)

Format of Professor Rounds

The format is for two faculty to present to students and answer questions. The format is very casual, and largely up to the faculty. Students are looking to get a feel for faculty members' personalities, their science and research, techniques that are used, and potential projects that they could work on in faculty labs. Faculty have the option of an informal disucssion, a chalk-talk presentation, or PowerPoint slide presentation.

To sign up, please email Elice García-Baca.

Length of Lab Rotations

MS rotations are usually 8-10 weeks in length, and are credit-based. A 1-credit lab is a minimum of 8 hours in the lab per week, and the time spent in the lab goes up accordingly from there. If a student chooses to do a thesis, the research should be approximately 6 months in length, culminating in a defense.

Course Proposals & Changes

All course changes and proposals are to be reviewed by the GPILS Curriculum Committee before they are submitted to the Graduate School. Questions and/ or completed forms should be directed to Senior Academic Services Specialist, Elice García-Baca.

Assistance with Blackboard

Faculty and support staff that need assistance with Blackboard for a GPILS related course can contact Senior Academic Services Specialist, Elice García-Baca.