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CMBS Program Timeline

Below are two timelines of what our program looks like for our students. Please note that these timelines are merely for planning purposes and all students will be given an individualized Program of Study once in the program to map out what their time in the program will look like.  

In addition to coursework and lab work, additional components to consider are:

  • Summer Bridge - Only available to domestic students, international students are not able to participate due to visa restrictions. This optional program takes place in the summer before the official start of the academic year. All students that are able to participate are highly encouraged to do so.
  • Professor Rounds - The CMBS program invites faculty researchers across campus to discuss their research and provide information on research opportunities available to our students.
  • Graduate Research Conference- All students are required to present at the Graduate Research Conference before graduating. This event provides students the opportunity to share their research with others across the campus. 

Full-Time Program Completed in Two Years

Students entering the program on a full-time status start out as Non-Thesis students. At the end of the spring semester, students must choose to continue in the Non-Thesis option or to go a step further and plan to complete the Thesis Option. 

CMBS 2-Year Program Timeline

Part-Time Program

The CMBS program provides plenty of flexibility in allowing students to complete the program part-time over the course of 5 years. However, students choosing this option must understand that all coursework, lab research, and thesis work must be done in person and on campus.

Part-time students should expect to spend a minimum of 20 hours on campus per week to ensure that program requirements are met. Similar to the full-time program, students entering on a part-time basis start out as Non-Thesis students. A decision to continue in the Non-Thesis option or to go a step further and complete the Thesis Option must be made during the fall semester of their second year. 

CMBS PT Program Timeline