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Cell Biology

Cell biology research in the program encompasses a broad range of studies that overlap in some cases with the other disciplines of the program. For example the work of Dr. Schulze studies modifications to antibodies that enhance Fc receptor binding and their function which includes tumor cell lysis.  Dr. Feldman is modeling inherited diseases by reprogramming patient-derived somatic cells into induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells.  Dr. Kalvakolanu studies signal transduction (JAK/STAT and non-STAT) and gene regulatory pathways regulated by the Interferons. This lab also studies mechanisms of action of tumor suppressors, transcriptional control, and their roles in apoptosis (programmed cell death) and autophagy.  Also part of this group, Dr. Hassel studies the mechanism of action of type 1 interferons in host innate immune response to microbial pathogens and tumors. His work focuses on RNase-L, the terminal component of an RNA decay pathway that mediates antimicrobial and tumor suppressor activities.  Dr. Robb studies stress regulation in live bacterial vaccines and protein folding systems.  Dr. Vasta studies innate immune recognition and effector mechanisms that are mediated by protein-carbohydrate interactions.