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Trainee Benefits

Appointment to the Training Program in Immunity and Infection (TPII) has significant benefits to students. Apart from the prestige of being selected for the training program and the benefit to the student’s CV, student appointees are invited to give an oral presentation in an annual symposium, named CrossTalk, held jointly with the University of Maryland College Park T32 Training Program in Microbial Pathogenesis. In addition, student appointees are invited to participate in small group teaching sessions of second year medical students during their course in Host Defenses and Infectious Diseases. Travel funds ($2000 per trainee per year) are also provided to student appointees to pay for attendance at appropriate scientific conferences. Students have access to all of the Core facilities and services that the Center for Innovative Biomedical Resources at UMSOM offers. Baltimore is an excellent location for training in life sciences, with flagship research institutions in the University of Maryland, Baltimore and Johns Hopkins University, as well as its proximity to the NIH and FDA campuses nearer Washington DC and numerous scientific companies in the Baltimore-Washington area. It is also an attractive area geographically, with its proximity to the ocean to the east and mountains to the west, as well as several large cities in the northeast.