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Admission to Candidacy

Admission to candidacy is applied for after meeting the criteria listed below, generally during the third year unless there are dire extenuating circumstances. The appropriate application forms are filed in duplicate through the major department via the Program Coordinator. The student must complete both the Admission to Candidacy Form and Graduate Record Form and submit them together. It is the responsibility of the student to submit their applications for admission to candidacy promptly when all the requirements for candidacy have been fulfilled. Application for admission to candidacy must be within 5 years after admission to the doctoral program and be at least two full sequential semesters (Spring, Summer or Fall) before the date on which the degree will be conferred. Students must complete all of the program for the degree within four years after admission to candidacy.

  • Course requirements will have been fulfilled.
  • Qualifying Examination will have been passed.
  • Defense of Dissertation Proposal will have been passed.

Once Admission to Candidacy is approved, the Graduate School sends a notifying letter and an Approved Application for Admission to Candidacy to the student with copies being sent to the department.