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Epidemiology Track

The Epidemiology track prepares individuals for interdisciplinary public health research careers. A rigorous program of advanced studies equips the student for professional contributions to research and the practice of epidemiology in academic institutions, health departments, hospitals, regulatory and government agencies, international organizations, private industry, and other health-care settings.

The primary objective of the Epidemiology track is to provide students with a strong background in the methods of epidemiology combined with applications of these tools to specific areas of medical and public health research. The curriculum is designed to provide a broad understanding of research design and biostatistical methods, in addition to familiarity with principles of design and analysis of clinical trials and observational studies. Opportunities are provided through coursework and research rotations to gain experience in applying these methods to specific research questions. Mechanisms are built into the program to ensure that our graduates are effective communicators, public speakers, and scientific writers.

Please feel free to contact the Director of this track if you have questions: 

Alan M. Rathbun, PhD, MPH

Leader, Epidemiology Track

Assistant Professor, Department of Epidemiology and Public Health