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Program Leadership

Program Director

Margaret McCarthy

Margaret MaCarthy, PhD

Dr. McCarthy is a leading neuroscientist who has made significant discoveries related to gender differences and the brain. Herseminal research focuses on the influence of steroid hormones on the developing brain with a special emphasis on understanding the cellular mechanisms that establish sex differences—that is, the numerous, novel mechanisms (including roles for prostaglandins, endocannabinoids, amino acid transmitters, and multiple enzymes) by which steroids permanently organize the developing brain differently in males and females. 

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Director of Graduation Education

Mary Kay Lobo, PhD

Mary Kay Lobo, PhD

Our current director of graduate education is Dr. Mary Kay Lobo, Associate Professor in Anatomy and Neurobiology. Her research on the molecular neurocircuitry underlying mood disorders and drug addiction flourishes, evidenced by her being an awardee of the Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) in 2017 and the 4 RO1s by which she is currently funded. As such, she serves as a powerful role model for students starting their research careers.

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