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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the application deadline for the Molecular Medicine Ph.D. Program?

    Applications are reviewed by the Molecular Medicine Admissions Committee and should be received by December 1st for early decision. All other applications should be received no later than January 10th for best chances of being considered. International applicants.

  2. What is Early Decision? 

    Applications to the Molecular Medicine Program that are received by December 1st will be reviewed first. The Admissions Committee interviews selected early decision applicants and makes a decision on these candidates before considering the regular pool of applicants. The Admissions Committee can make one of three decisions for each early decision applicant: 1) interview; 2) rejection; or 3) placement into the regular applicant pool for review at a later time.

  3. Do you accept applications for Spring admission?

    No, applicants are only accepted for Fall semester admission.

  4. How do I apply online?

    If you have not already done so, the first step is to make a formal inquiry; then you may apply online.

  5. I am experiencing problems with the online application. Who should I contact?

    You may contact the Graduate School directly via email at

  6. Is there an application fee and how many programs can I apply to with one fee?

    Yes, there is a $75.00 (U.S.) application fee paid to the Graduate School. You may apply to one GPILS program per $75.00 application fee.

  7. How many students do you accept each year?

    The number of students accepted varies from year to year and depends on the number of Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) positions we have available.

  8. What is the average GRE score and GPA for students accepted into the Molecular Medicine program?

    The average scores for the 2012 incoming class were: GRE, 311; GPA, 3.23.

  9. Will the program accept my MCAT scores in lieu of the GRE?

    No. GRE scores are required to be considered for the program. Applications will not be reviewed by the Admissions Committee without GRE scores.

  10. What is considered a competitive candidate for the Molecular Medicine program?

    A competitive candidate would have a GPA above 3.0; GRE combined score above 307 (verbal - above 155; analytical writing at least 4.0), excellent recommendation letters, and an extensive research background and/or published materials.

  11. What if my GRE scores are lower than the average?

    Although GRE scores are essential in determining an applicant’s qualifications, the Molecular Medicine Admissions Committee reviews each application as a complete package. GPA, research background, and recommendation letters also play an important role in the decision.

  12. Do you require subject GRE scores?

    Subject GRE scores are NOT required, and will neither hinder nor aid in an applicant’s chances for admission.

  13. Do you offer financial aid?

    Students accepted into the Molecular Medicine Ph.D. program are provided financial support for the duration of their studies. Stipends are competitive nationwide ($28,000 per year) and increase as the student advances. In addition to annual stipends, students receive health care coverage and tuition remission. Students requiring additional funds may visit the Financial Aid website for more information.

  14. Will my application be reviewed if you have not received all of the required materials?

    Given that each application is reviewed as a complete package, it is necessary to submit all portions of the application prior to it being reviewed by the Admissions Committee.

  15. What are the institution and program codes for reporting GRE?

    The institution code for GRE is 5848. The Molecular Medicine program code is 0230.

  16. How do I send my letters of recommendation?

    Copy and paste the link ( within the online application and send it to your recommenders. NOTE: To ensure your letters are sent to the appropriate program, inform the recommenders of your Desired Program of Study: Molecular Medicine (PhD). Letters that are not received directly from the recommender will be deemed invalid and will not be regarded as part of the application.

  17. Where can I find housing information?

    Go to the Residence Life website.

For International Students Only

  1. Do you accept international students, if so, how many each year?

    We do accept international students; however we do not have a particular number or percentage of international students we intend to accept – the application pool varies from year to year and it is dependent upon the applications we receive. We accept the most qualified candidates.

  2. What is the deadline for international applicants?

    International applicants must submit all application materials no later than January 10th to be considered.

  3. Do you provide funding for international students?

    Yes, all students accepted into the program are provided the same financial benefits.

  4. Is the TOEFL required for international students?

    Applicants whose native language or language of home is not English must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the examination of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Further information on TOEFL/IETLS, click here.

  5. If I am an international student with a M.S. degree from a U.S. university do I still need to take the TOEFL?

    The TOEFL requirement is waived for applicants who have received a M.S. degree from an American accredited university/college. Further information on TOEFL waivers, click here.

  6. What are the institution and program codes for reporting TOEFL scores?

    The TOEFL university code is 5944; use the department code 45 (Biomedical Sciences).