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2010 retreat ImageThe First Annual Cancer Biology Retreat was held on May 18, 2010 in the Life Sciences Conference Center in BioPark Building Two. The Cancer Biology Retreat was a one day event open to all graduate students as well as postdoctoral and clinical fellows, and faculty involved in cancer or cancer-related research. It was a great success with 137 participants, of which 32% were graduate students, 30% were postdoctoral fellows, and 33% were faculty members. This event provided a great opportunity for all participants to interact and share research ideas and techniques in an informal and relaxed environment.

The program included oral and poster presentations selected from abstracts submitted by postdoctoral fellows and graduate students.

Outstanding abstracts selected for oral presentation were:

  • Graduate Students: Szu-Ting Chou, Laura Thompson, Kate Hodge, Moran Choe, Sarice Boston
  • Postdoctoral Fellows: Dan Yu, Padmaja Gade, Nicola Heller, Zhiyong Guo, Yongmei Pan

Outstanding Poster prize winners were:

  • Graduate Students: Amanda Boggs, Sarice Boston, and Kate Hodge
  • Postdoctoral Fellows: Zhiyong Guo, Fang Hu, Michele Vitolo

Keynote Speaker:

Louis M. Weiner, M.D. is the Director of the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center at Georgetown University. Dr. Weiner is recognized for his laboratory and clinical research focusing on therapeutic approaches that mobilize the patient’s immune system to fight cancer using monoclonal antibodies.

Faculty Presentations:

Interesting and informative presentations from Kevin Cullen, M.D., Cancer Center Director, on the importance of research training, Scott Strome, M.D., on translation of basic research findings to the clinic, and Stuart Martin, Ph.D. on the transition to academia, rounded out the day.

Organizing Committee:

Amanda Boggs, Kathryn Hodge, Michelle Sallin, Michele Vitolo Ph.D., Sarah Netzel Arnett, Ph.D., Toni M. Antalis, Ph.D. (Faculty Advisor) and Sharron Graves, (Program Manager, GPILS Molecular Medicine)